10+ Amazing Modern Look Home Exterior That Favorite of Many People

The role of the home exterior is quite important to create a beautiful view from outside the house. Because the exterior is the first thing people see and will give birth to the first impression, in principle, the exterior of the house can create a dwelling that is not visually complicated, but still neat. Exterior elements should contribute to comfort, serenity, functionality, and cost efficiency.

Exterior design is as essential as home interior design. Because the exterior design serves to maintain the structure of the building and the safety of your home. In addition, the exterior design also plays a major role in creating a residence to look beautiful. Therefore, you should not miss the exterior of the house without containing a clear meaning to the exterior design of your home.

If you need some suitable inspiration for your home’s exterior style, here’s a list of home exterior designs used by everyone in this world. You can choose according to your favorite design.

The Following Are 10+ Amazing Modern Look Home Exteriors That Favorite of Many People

#1 Minimalist Home Exterior

When viewed from the appearance of the design, the minimalist exterior has a characteristic in the form of simple beauty, but still feels elegant. Talking about a minimalist-style house, the exterior is not only beautiful but also prioritizes the function of the building.

Minimalist Home Exterior
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#2 Natural Wood Exterior

The wooden exterior design style displays an aesthetic that feels natural and warm. In addition to these two things, a display like this can also give a touch and impression of a traditional house.

Natural Wood Exterior
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#3 Art Deco Exterior Design

If you want an exterior design that offers glamorous beauty and rich colors, this design features bold geometric shapes. Typical art deco exteriors feature flat roofs, smooth stucco walls with rounded corners, and bold exterior decorations.

Art Deco Exterior
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#4 Contemporary Home Exterior Design

Contemporary means a house design that is widely applied to today’s homes. The style of display and design is quite varied. But always prioritize environmentally friendly building materials.

Contemporary Home Exterior Design
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#5 Mediterranean Home Exterior

The exterior appearance of this one has a Spanish house style model. The design characteristics of this house include a red tile roof and curved shapes.

Mediterranean Home Exterior
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#6 Townhouse Exterior Design

This exterior design is rooted in the design of houses in urban areas in the United States and Europe that were popular in the 19th century. The exterior design characteristics of the townhouses include having two floors, a side hallway, and a limited front yard.

Townhouse Exterior Design
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#7 Asian Style Home

This Asian exterior style looks more modern than the Japanese exterior style. Because this usually combines contemporary wood materials.

Asian Style Homes Ideas
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#8 Rustic Home Exterior Ideas

A design that gives the impression of being simple, natural, and feels down to earth, with building materials that are easily available. For example, natural stone and wood materials are used without much polish and decoration.

Ravishing Rustic Home Exterior Design
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#9 White Home Exterior

The exterior of this house gives a modern impression but still gives a warm feeling through the paint color. This one design is the back view of a minimalist house that is dominated by white.

Best White Home Exterior
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#10 Best Exterior Glass

The exterior of this house only has glass on the front of the house to give a minimalist impression from the outside.

Best Exterior Glass Wall Ideas
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#11 Home Exterior With Natural Stone

The exterior design of this one manages to highlight the dark and elegant side of the material. These two main elements manage to describe a modern minimalist feel with a Nordic aka Scandinavian style.

Home Exterior With Natural Stone
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#12 Brick House Exterior

The exterior of this house is usually synonymous with the use of bricks which makes the impression more elegant and impressive.

Impressive Brick House Exterior Design
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#13 Japanese Home Exterior

Many modern exterior designs are also designed with a touch of Japanese architectural design. As in the example picture of this house, we can see the roof of a typical Japanese house.

Japanese Home Exteriors
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Hopefully, it can be an inspiration to make the exterior of the house more unique and attractive. How, are you ready to buy a house with a charming exterior?

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