Gorgeous Sliding Barn Door Designs To Enhance Your Home

A sliding barn door is the best choice for optimizing your home interior, especially a small or tiny house. This door is used when the occupants of the house want to visually divide the zone of the room without walls. While glass can expose a space, it increases privacy and provides a very elegant touch. Because of this, sliding glass doors are often used in offices and meeting rooms.

With its unique design, you can not only add a beautiful and practical touch to your home but also a sense of personality. It is a great decoration for your home and the best choice to enhance the appearance of the room.

What The Best For Sliding Door Material

Sliding doors are suitable for minimalist homes because the door can close and open without holding anything around it. Not only that, but the use of sliding doors at home also allows a lot of natural light to enter through the house. Some materials that are often used for this type of door are wood, glass, and metal.

Wooden Sliding Door Design

Barn Door Sliding Door
Barn Door Sliding Door from Design Corral

The wooden material is solid material with waterproof function, which can be used in bathroom or kitchen. In addition, the sliding door hardware ensures it is more durable. The door has two layers to provide privacy while allowing light to enter the room from the outside.

Glass Sliding Door Design

Homcom 90Cm Modern Sliding Door Set Kit Thick Glass
Homcom 90Cm Modern Sliding Door Set Kit Thick Glass from Spendow

Glass sliding doors can allow more natural light to enter the room. This makes sliding glass doors the best choice when a room in the house lacks or does not have windows. The light effect of a room with sliding glass doors will be greater if the walls are painted white or a light color.

Mix Wooden and Glass Sliding Barn Door Design

Vintage custom sliding barn door with windows
Vintage custom sliding barn door with windows from Etsy

Apart from functioning as a way in and out. Installing this type of door can also be a separator between rooms. The installation method is to install rails and wheels at the top of the door. How to open it by sliding it sideways parallel to the wall so that it saves room space.

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